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We considered flying from Istanbul to Dubrovnik. You hear so much about the medieval Croatian city on the Adriatic. There’s now apparently no easy transit between Istanbul and Dubrovnik either by air (one or two transfers, then a bus trip) or overland through Bulgaria or Greece and at least two Balkan states. We didn’t get to the part about making our way overland to Budapest.

0 Istanbul Dubrovnik map

At the end of a month of travel we wanted a simpler itinerary, so shelled out the big bucks for a non-stop Turkish Air flight from Istanbul to Budapest and counted it money well spent.

We stayed at the excellent Fraser Hotel Apartments in Budapest for five nights.

Then by train (three hours) to Bratislava, Slovakia — my brother’s recommendation — for two nights, where a musical performance was a Top Ten highlight of the whole trip.

Train, one hour to Vienna, where we stayed four nights. Can’t get Vienna out of my mind.

Train to Prague, four hours plus endless (well, three hours) additional wait time on sidings — “risk of lightning” — on a sweltering hot afternoon, in a railway car full of little kids. Four nights in Prague: memorable.

The route of this and our succeeding motor tour of Bavaria mapped.

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