Minorite mystery

Came upon the Minoritenkirche, the Minorite Church, in the shadow of the Hofburg and went inside. There’s a cheesy 19th-century mosaic reproduction of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. We barely glanced at it. This fresco on the opposite side wall was fascinating:

1052 fresco

It seems to show a flying bishop, whitebearded, lifting a boy-servant away from a pasha or sultan in some throne-room. Maybe it’s a story from the life of some saint. Could not find even a mention of it on the internet or in reference books about Viennese art. I think it could have been the inspiration for The Flying Nun. The bogus Last Supper, meanwhile, enjoys wild popularity and is a big draw. Because Napoleon commissioned it, I guess. Just one of the most over-exposed works of art in the whole world.

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