Museum of Archaeology

In the Museums of Archaeology in Istanbul, a room full of grave stele with inscriptions, of Hellenistic and other vintages. My kinda thing … nothing like a good graveyard …

0287 dog steleFrom Metelin Island (Mytelene i.e. Lesbos), undated, translated on the plaque:

His owner has buried the dog Parthenope that he played with, in gratitude for this happiness[.] (Mutual) love is rewarding, like the one for this dog: Having been a friend to my owner, I have deserved this grave.
Looking at this, find yourself a worthy friend who is both ready to love you while you are still alive and also will care for your body (when you die).


0282 Arch painted0376 Arch bird

0283 Arch woman

0370 Arch inscription 0284 Arch pan 0288 Arch Menomphila 0289 Arch Menom2 0290 Arch Menand2 0291 Arch menand

0280 Arch sarcop

Map from Heritage History website, by kind permission:

0 Asia Minor Roman provs

Ancient Asia Minor was a region of the Roman Empire similar to Turkey in extent. “The name ‘Asia Minor’ (from the Greek ‘Mikra Asia’ — Little Asia)  was first coined by the Christian historian Orosius (c. 375-418 CE) in his work Seven Books of History Against the Pagans in 400 CE to differentiate the main of Asia from that region which had been evangelized by the Apostle Paul (which included sites known from Paul’s Epistles in the Bible such as Ephesus and Galicia).”

Ancient History Encyclopedia.

[The last reference — meaning Galatia, as in the Epistle to the Galatians, in Turkey? There’s a Galicia in Spain; another was on the Hungary-Ukraine border; too far.]


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