Mosaics Museum

Behind the Blue Mosque is the unpretentious Mosaics Museum. A visit was included with our museums pass, so what the hell. You hardly know what you’re looking at …

0317 Mosaic gallery

0319 lower gal


0328 wall

0342 head20340 bearded head

Until ..

0308 Great Palace plaque 0303 Mosaic plaque20315 Byz palaces plaque

0313 Map

0 Byzantium artist 0 Great Palace

Imported artist’s rendition of the Great Palace of Byzantium and layout map.

All that remains of the palaces of the kings and queens of Byzantium. Fragments of their mosaic floors, removed from nearby sites during archaeological excavations.

0310 Mosaic

0305 Mosaic 0306 Mosaic  0309 Mosaic  0311 Mosaic

0312 Mosaic     0318 Mosaic  0321 horse 0322 donkey man 0323 satyr 0324 elephant 0325 monkey tree 0326 gryphon 0327 boy animal 0330 wall 0339 tiger

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